The Wesleyan Chronicle May 23 1863

Third Melbourne Circuit - Glen Iris. - In connection with the opening of a temporary Wesleyan Church at this place, sermons were preached on Sunday, May 31st, by the Rev. F. Neale and Mr. Jenkins, to large and attentive congregations. On Monday evening a public tea-meeting was held, at which upwards of one hundred persons were present. Mr. Brook presided at the meeting after tea; Mr. Brown read the report; and the Revs. J. Bickford and F. Neale, and Messrs. Eades, Holding, Blanksley, and Woolgard advocated the interests of the cause which had brought them together. Votes of thanks were accorded to the ladies for the liberal provision which they had made on the occasion, and to the chairman for the efficient manner in which he had conducted the business of the meeting. The amount collected more than covered the expenditure occasioned by repairs and alterations to the church. The building, from its numerous and tasteful decorations, presented quite a gay and attractive appearance; and if we may judge from the enthusiasm and liberality manifested during the evening, the time is not far distant when we shall witness here a commodious church and a flourishing society. For the use of the present structure, the inhabitants are indebted to Messrs. Robinson and Bainbridge, of Glen Iris, who have kindly placed it at the disposal of the Wesleyan connection free of charge.

The Wesleyan Chronicle December 20 1864

Third Melbourne Circuit - Glen Iris. - For some time past the Wesleyans resident in this locality have been worshipping in a temporary structure, kindly placed at their disposal by Mr. Robinson. In consequence, however, of the increase of the church and congregation, it has been determined to erect a more commodious and permanent building. To inaugurate the new church-scheme sermons were preached on Sunday, October 9th, in the afternoon by the Rev. D. J. Draper, and in the evening by Mr. E. Taylor. On the following evening a tea-meeting was held in a spacious marquee, at which it is supposed upwards of three hundred persons were present. The public meeting, which took place afterwards, was presided over by the Hon. Alex Fraser M.L.C., Daniel and F. Neale, with Messrs. Taylor, Hunter, &c. The collections in cash and promises amounted to the noble sum of 71. It is fully expected, judging from the zeal and liberality displayed by the people, that there will soon be a good, substantial Wesleyan church at Glen Iris. The marquee, we ought to state, was kindly and gratuitously lent for the occasion by Mr. Evans, Bourke-street, Melbourne.

The Wesleyan Chronicle May 20 1865

New Wesleyan Church, at Glen Iris. - On Sunday, the 7th instant, the opening services of this church were held. Three sermons were preached that in the morning by the Rev. The President; that in the afternoon by the Rev. W. Moss; and that in the evening by the Rev. E. Taylor, of the City Mission. The congregations were good, and the services were attended with a gracious influence. On Monday, the 8th, a tea-meeting was held, when the church was crowded with friends from the neighbourhood and from a distance. After tea, Mr. H. C. Fraser presided over the public meeting, and expressed his interest in the work at Glen Iris, and congratulated the friends on having erected so suitable and beautiful a church. Mr. Robinson read the report, and the meeting was then addressed by Mr. Cope, the Revs. J. S. Waugh, E. Taylor, J. B. Stephenson, and Messrs. Crouch and Johnson. The sum raised by the opening services amounted to 57. The church is a neat and beautiful little building, after a design by Messrs. Crouch and Wilson.