Extract from Glen Iris Wesleyan Minute Book, 1871 to 1910

23rd January, 1873

A meeting of the Church Building Committee was held this day present Revd Mr Filchett, Messrs Bainbridge, Bruce, Towle, Robinson, Guthridge, Miller Sloggatt _Bellingham Button Price.

A letter from Crouch & Wilson was read giving an estimate of the cost of sundry additions, alterations, & improvements to the Church - Total Cost 241 -

The sub-committee were then instructed to communicate with the architects & agree as to the best mode of ventilation & availability or otherwise of ventering - specifications to be prepared & tenders called for.

Mr Mann having refused to act upon the sub-committee, Mr Guthridge consented to act in his stead.

Note: Mr Mann was the builder of the Chapel in 1865. Crouch & Wilson designed the original building, and as indicated above, its planned extension in 1873. The extension was not completed until 1876.FKH