The Milestones of Our Pilgrimage

A History of the Glen Iris
Wesleyan Chapel

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Fran Hogg
Glen Iris Road Uniting Church
August 1st, 2002
Revised: August 1st, 2007


The social history of a Christian community is, in a theological sense, more important to it than any of its buildings. As a Christian community changes, so does the type of facilities that are required to carry out the tasks of faithful service and worship in the Christian tradition. Christianity is a way of life, and church buildings are there to serve that life and not to limit its effectiveness and mission.

Methodism, founded by John Wesley, was a spiritual movement of Christian people who wished to serve their God by giving service to the local community and to people in need across the country and around the world. This spirit of faith and service of a pilgrim people is the true heritage of the Methodist settlers of Glen Iris. That there remains a well recorded history of these early days gives a sense of responsibility, vision and inspiration to the Glen Iris Road Uniting Church members who are its stewards.

Front of the chapel. Rear of the chapel.